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School Staff

List of our school staff

P1AMrs E Ali & Mrs C Gibson
P1CMrs S Caddell
P1GMiss H Greenshields
P2BMr M Bonallo
P2MMrs A McIntyre
P3MMrs C McGoldrick & Mrs S Currie
P3RMrs S Rodgers
P4MMiss H McGregor
P4SMrs S Smart
P5DMiss L Drummond & Mrs A. Heggie
P5MMiss J Morrison
P6CMrs G Christie
P6PMrs S Paton & Mrs A Heggie
P7CMrs L Crichton
P7MMiss J Murphy
Support for LearningMrs H McPake
Support for LearningMrs J Cadden
RCCT (PE/Science)Mr S McCrudden
Pupil Support WorkerMrs E Easton
Pupil Support WorkerMrs A Fowler
Pupil Support WorkerMrs K Spence
Pupil Support WorkerMrs K Hutcheon
Pupil Support WorkerMrs C Colhoun
Pupil Support WorkerMrs M Dhokia
Pupil Support WorkerMrs L Easton
Pupil Support WorkerMrs A Ward
Family Support WorkerMiss J Allsopp
Administrative AssistantMrs B Collie
Clerical AssistantMrs J Bryce
Facilities Management AssistantMr L Forrest
Facilities Management AssistantMr J Haddow
School Leadership Team
Head Teacher (Acting)Mrs L Findlay 
Depute Head Teacher (Acting)Mrs J Bell
Principal TeacherMrs C McGoldrick
Principal TeacherMrs M Young


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